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Financial year: 2020

Semestrial result 2020 + press and analyst meeting

On Thursday 20 August Kinepolis Group will communicate its semestrial result 2020 from 7 AM on.  This will be followed by a press and analyst meeting. More information soon.

Financial year: 2019

Annual results 2019 + press and analyst meeting

On Thursday 20 February 2020, Kinepolis Group will communicate its 2019 full year results.  This communication will be organised as follows:

7AM: distribution of the press release via mail and on this website
11AM: press meeting @ Kinepolis Brussels
1.30PM: analyst meeting @ Kinepolis Brussels

Please confirm your venue to (press) or to (analysts).

Business Update Q3 2019

On Thursday 14 November 2019 the business update on Q3 2019 will be published.

Business update Q1 2019

On Wednesday 8 May 2019 Kinepolis Group published its business update on the 1st Quarter of 2019.

Annual Report 2018

The annual report 2018 of Kinepolis Group has been made available as from Friday 5 April 2019.  It is printed in Dutch and English.  On this website you will find the PDF version in Dutch, French and English.

Financial year: 2018

Business Update Q3 2018

The business update on the third quarter 2018 has been published on Thursday 15th November 2018.  On this occasion there was no analyst nor press meeting.

Business Update Q1 2018

The business update on the first quarter of 2018 has been published on Wednesday 9th May 2018.  

Financial year: 2017

Annual Report 2017

The annual report 2017 has been published on Friday 6th April 2018, on the website in PDF and in printed version.

Business update Q3 2017

The Business Update Q3 2017 was released on Thursday 16 November 2017


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