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More than 4,000 employees work hard every day to give millions of cinema visitors an unforgettable film experience. The talent and engagement of those employees is the key to Kinepolis’ success. Kinepolis wants to be a self-learning organization, which means that people are responsible for departmental targets and budgets, and are given the opportunity to show initiative and learn from each other. As an employer, Kinepolis aspires to get the best out of its employees, our motto is ‘Plus est en nous’.

K values 

‘Client Focus’, ‘Teamwork’, ‘Operational Excellence’, ‘Flexibility’ and ‘Hands-on’ are the behavioral values that every Kinepolis employee works hard to put into practice. Every individual and every team is expected to ensure the customer is central to them, to work together towards a shared goal, to do his or her job properly and efficiently, to deal with change in a flexible way and show a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

Talent Factory 

By means of the Talent Factory, Kinepolis provides a framework to identify and evaluate talents in the company with an eye to development and promotion possibilities. Investments are also made in attracting talented individuals elsewhere who can help to further shape and professionalize the growing organization.

Training for every employee is another important aspect of the Human Capital philosophy. Kinepolis Academy helps employees improve their personal skills through e-learning among other things. There are also personal coaching courses for managers through the Kinepolis University.

Plus est en nous
Our moto

Innovation lab

The world is evolving all the time, as is the behavior of current and potential Kinepolis visitors, the relevant market and the possibilities of responding to this. The Kinepolis Innovation Lab was created based on the conviction that new, surprising ideas are the oxygen a company needs to remain successful and the realization that Kinepolis has almost 4,000 people in house who might come up with good ideas.

The introduction of an Innovation Lab stimulates everyone at Kinepolis – from student to manager – to think outside the box and dare to be ‘entrepreneurial’. As well as a self-learning organization, Kinepolis also wants to be a self-innovating organization. Every quarter, the best ideas are selected and teams are put together to flesh them out and implement them. The Innovation Lab also ensures that employees work together more, regardless of their departments. The best idea to come from the Kinepolis Innovation Lab is rewarded with an annual Innovation Award. Employees whose ideas are selected are also rewarded with an ‘entrepreneur bonus’ – regardless of the subsequent performance of the idea in practice.

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