In 2015 Kinepolis generated € 301.6 million in revenue and € 43.2 million net current profit and continued to successfully implement its expansion strategy

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2015 was an excellent year for Kinepolis with a sharp rise in visitor numbers, total revenue and net current profit, thanks to a strong film offer, a successful expansion and the continued implementation of its strategic pillars. The expansion is going according to plan. Both the existing and acquired cinemas contributed to the continued optimisation of operational efficiency and the improvement of all ratios.
Key figures 2015 vs. 2014:
  • Visitor numbers rose by 12.5% to 22.1 million, due mainly to expansion but also thanks to a strong film offer.
  • Total revenue rose by 14.8% due to the rise in visitor numbers, higher sales per visitor and the increased B2B and real estate revenue.
  • Current  EBITDA  rose by 22.5% to € 91 million and grew also faster than visitor numbers, due to a further improvement in operational efficiency of both existing and acquired cinemas. 
  • Net current profit rose by 21.4% to € 43.2 million. Earnings per share were € 1.20.
  • Net financial expenses increased by 80.5% to € 7.7 million, due to the pre-financing of planned expansion projects.
  • Free cash flow rose by 27.5% to € 66.0 million.
  • The net financial debt increased by 36.5% to € 162.0 million, due to the expansion.
  • The proposed dividend per share is € 0.80, a rise of 15.9%, on the basis of a 50% pay-out ratio and the number of shares entitled to dividend on 18 February 2016.
  • Due to a potential claim as a consequence of the decision of the EU Commission with regard to the Belgian Excess Profit Ruling (EPR), a provision was established for € 9.4 million, in compliance with the principle of prudence. This amount covers the full potential liability, including interest charges. As a consequence of this provision, the profit was € 32.3 million.
Kinepolis welcomed 12.5% more visitors in 2015 than in the previous year, mainly due to acquisitions in the Netherlands, Spain, France and Luxembourg in 2014 and 2015. The results of the, in 2015, acquired Utopolis cinemas and the cinema in Bourgoin, France, are taken into account for respectively two and six months in 2015. A strong film offer in all countries and an upswing in consumer confidence in Spain also contributed to the rise in visitor numbers. There was an exceptional film offer in 2015, with both strong Hollywood productions (including 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', 'Minions', 'Jurassic World' and 'Spectre') and successful local films, including 'FC De Kampioenen 2: Jubilee General' and 'Safety First' in Flanders, 'Michiel de Ruyter' and 'Gooische Vrouwen 2' in the Netherlands and 'Ocho Apellidos Catalanes' in Spain. In France the local film offer (including 'La Famille Bélier') was unable to match the big success of 'Supercondriaque' and 'Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu' in 2014. 
Total revenue, rising by 14.8%, grew faster than visitor numbers, among other things thanks to an increase in revenue from ticket sales (Box Office, BO) and In-theatre sales (ITS) per visitor. The strong family and blockbuster line-up and the corresponding success of premium offers such as 3D, Laser Ultra and Cosy Seating made a large contribution to this rise. The country mix, with a higher share for the Netherlands, also had a positive impact on the average BO and ITS revenue per visitor.
B2B revenue rose due to more income from events and the sale of cinema vouchers to companies and the increased revenue from screen advertising in the fourth quarter. Revenue from real estate activities also increased, among other things due to the Group's expansion and the success of concessions operated by the company, such as the Leonidas Chocolates Café and the Ola Happiness Station in Antwerp. Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD) posted a strong second semester with 'Black' and 'Safety First' among other films, but was unable to offset the lack of local releases in the first half of the year and the success of 'The Wolf of Wall Street' at the beginning of 2014. 
Current EBITDA rose by 22.5% to € 91.0 million. This resulted from the integration effects of acquired cinemas, improved operational efficiency in all countries and a rise in sales per visitor due to the strong family and blockbuster offer.
Commenting on the 2015 figures, Eddy Duquenne, CEO Kinepolis Group, said: "2015 was a top year for Kinepolis. The expectations were high due to the release of various big Hollywood sequels and we have made major steps in the continued implementation of our expansion strategy. We have exceeded the expectations with these figures; we are successfully integrating the acquired cinemas and the commercial and operational efficiency of the existing activities are further improving." 
Full report annual results 2015 attached.

About Kinepolis

Kinepolis Group NV was formed in 1997 as a result of the merger of two family-run cinema groups and was listed on the stock exchange in 1998. Kinepolis offers an innovative cinema concept which serves as a pioneering model within the industry. In addition to its cinema business, the Group is also active in film distribution, event organization, screen publicity and property management.

In Europe, Kinepolis Group NV has 63 cinemas spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Poland. Since the acquisition of Canadian movie theatre group Landmark Cinemas and American movie theatre group MJR Theatres, Kinepolis also operates 37 cinemas in Canada and 10 in the US.

In total, Kinepolis Group currently operates 110 cinemas worldwide, with a total of 1,132 screens and more than 200,000 seats. Kinepolis’ employees are all committed to giving millions of visitors an unforgettable movie experience.

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