Core businesses

The structure of Kinepolis Group is tailored to its geographic markets and is characterized by a flat organization in which decisions can be taken quickly. The organization consists of seven core businesses: Box Office, In-Theatre Sales, Business-to-Business, screen advertising (Brightfish), film distribution (KFD), Real Estate and Digital Cinema Services.

Box office

Box office comprises the sale of cinema tickets. Performance here is highly dependent on a number of external factors, including film content, weather and holiday periods. Kinepolis reaches a wide range of movie lovers and culture vultures by constantly optimizing cinema capacity and seat occupancy with a varied film and cultural offering. With its active programming approach Kinepolis’ goal is to offer something to various target groups at all times during the year. The regular film offering is permanently complemented with events (such as ‘Ladies at the Movies’ and ‘Horror Nights’ or ‘Obscure Nights’) and alternative content, such as concerts, art, opera and ballet.


The business-to-business (B2B) activity is built upon a privileged relationship with the business community and an innovative range. Since the digitization, Kinepolis cinemas, with their advanced, flexible infrastructure, are also ideal B2B venues for conferences, premieres and corporate events. Kinepolis’ B2B teams launch and run campaigns in association with companies and stimulate the sale of events and cinema vouchers. The cinema is also the ideal venue for companies that wish to raise their profile through targeted advertising campaigns. Screen advertising, sampling, product placement, advertising panels and digital screens in the foyers also play their part in that.

In-theatre sales

In-theatre sales (ITS) comprises all activities relating to the sale of beverages and snacks in the cinemas. This business has become more important in recent years due to innovations in infrastructure and offering. Virtually all Kinepolis complexes now have a self-service shop, which is a decisive factor in the increasing success of ITS. The shop’s offering is complemented with specific local initiatives. 

In line with the large selection of movies, a varied range of drinks and snacks is offered to meet the tastes of various target groups. 

Film distribution

Kinepolis Film Distribution (KFD) focuses on distributing international and domestic movies in Belgium and Luxembourg. As a specialist in Flemish movies KFD has earned a strong position in Belgium. Through KFD Kinepolis stimulates the production and promotion of Flemish film in its role as a media company. KFD also works closely with other partners, including Dutch FilmWorks (DFW). DFW is the largest independent film distributor in the Netherlands. In this partnership KFD distributes DFW catalog films in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Screen advertising

With the acquisition of advertising agency Brightfish at the end of 2011 Kinepolis launched a new core business in Belgium. It also ensured that the Belgian cinema industry once again had a stable partner for screen advertising. Brightfish offers a wide array of media channels in and around the cinema for everyone who wishes to communicate with cinema visitors in a targeted way.

Kinepolis has a unique real estate position, a situation that sets it apart from many other cinema operators.

Real estate

Real Estate is a separate business unit within Kinepolis tasked with coordinating the management, utilization and development of the Group’s property portfolio. Kinepolis owns the vast majority of its real estate, a situation that sets the group apart from many other cinema operators. Footfall at these businesses (mainly shops and cafes) is mostly generated by the presence of the Kinepolis cinema.

Digital cinema services

Digital Cinema Services (DCS) comprises all technical expertise at Kinepolis in digital projection and sound. This expertise is primarily used in-house, but Kinepolis DCS also provides technological services to third parties.


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