Innovation and customer experience

Customer-focused innovation

Kinepolis sets trends and constantly invests in innovation and an optimal customer experience. In recent years this drive to innovate has led to the digitization of the cinema, seat reservation, the latest projection and sound technologies, mobile ticketing, trend-setting events and refreshing marketing approaches.

In addition to innovations to enhance the film experience, Kinepolis also works hard to improve the pre- and post-movie experience, and constantly designs new shop and interior concepts (such as the Leonidas Chocolates Café and Sushicque).

Due to their innovative infrastructure Kinepolis cinemas are also ideal B2B venues for conferences, premières and corporate events.

As regards content, a permanent offering of eye-catching events and alternative content, such as concerts, art, opera and ballet, complements the regular movie program.

ERP Vista

New vista ERP system

In 2016 and 2017 Kinepolis introduced its new cinema ERP system, known as Vista, in all of its complexes. Vista is the software package behind all important corporate processes, from film descriptions to popcorn sales. The new system offers uniformity and enables the central management of data, which is important in the light of the growth of the Group.


New mobile apps

The new Kinepolis apps for Android and iOS users were released in January 2017. The apps have a renewed user-friendly design, ensuring a more personalized experience. Tickets are delivered directly in the app, through the user’s 'My Kinepolis' account. Select the film and the cinema, pay and receive the ticket: it's all possible with a few taps in the Kinepolis app.

Relationship marketing

As a film expert, Kinepolis is committed to providing the best possible response to the preferences of its visitors. Kinepolis wants to offer the ultimate movie experience, based on a thorough understanding of its customers – making use of an innovative digital relationship marketing system – and a tailored offering. Millions of customers receive film and event recommendations by email based on their personal preferences.

In the future Kinepolis is committed to further invest in the relationship with its customers through mobile and online services.

Active programming

The Kinepolis offering is not limited to current international blockbusters. In recent years Kinepolis has made the switch from passive to active programming. In doing so, Kinepolis selects films based on the preferences of its customers, which means they can differ according to the cinema. Kinepolis’ goal is to offer something to each of its target groups at all times during the year.

Cosy Seating

Cosy seating

As the Cosy Seating concept has been well received by customers, Kinepolis installed them in several theatres. These seats offer even greater comfort and convenience, with extra wide armrests, a handy table for drinks and snacks and a coat hanger. Visitors can choose Cosy Seats for a supplement on the normal ticket price. 



With Laser ULTRA Kinepolis combines the unique image quality of Barco’s best laser projector with the immersive Dolby Atmos sound system. Together, these two technologies give visitors an even more intense film experience, a feeling that they are in the center of the action.


Opera & art in the cinema

In recent years Kinepolis has developed an impressive alternative program of opera, ballet, theatre and art exhibitions. There are regular screenings in Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, in association with partners such as the MET, the Royal Opera House and the Bolshoi. Opera is now firmly established, attracting more than 40,000 visitors per year at the Belgian Kinepolis cinemas alone.


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