Mission and strategy

Kinepolis wants to offer film and culture lovers a unique experience and pursues a personalized program for various target groups. Kinepolis wants to create sustainable value for customers, employees, shareholders, partners and the community. To do so, the three pillars of its strategic model go hand in hand with sustainable enterprise.

All pillars are focused on creating the ultimate movie experience

Kinepolis wants to be the best marketer

Kinepolis is committed to meeting the needs and desires of the audience as far as possible through intensive interaction with its visitors and tailored content. Kinepolis is committed to positioning itself as the best marketer by responding to the expectations of various target groups.

Kinepolis wants to be the best cinema operator

Kinepolis is committed to ensuring its visitors enjoy a relaxing movie experience or business event in the best possible conditions. In doing this, Kinepolis pursues top technical and logistical quality to create a unique cinema experience.

Kinepolis wants to be the best real estate manager

Kinepolis is committed to the optimal management, use and development of its unique real estate portfolio.


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