As a cinema operator, Kinepolis is a part of people's daily lives and the company attaches the greatest importance to the social and ecological impact of its business operations. In this respect, Kinepolis proceeds from a long-term vision, in which the creation of a positive impact on stakeholders and on society, as well as reducing any negative impact as far as possible, automatically leads to a sustainable economic narrative. We are committed to creating 'shared value' starting from our purpose, which is to enrich people's lives through the power of movies.

Extensive information on Kinepolis' integrated strategy can be found in our integrated annual report 2022. A summary of our ESG priorities and commitments can be found here.

Green Star

Kinepolis aims to improve the energy efficiency of its cinema infrastructure and buildings every year, with a view to the carbon neutrality of its activities in the longer term. In addition, Kinepolis is committed to a sustainable design and execution of new construction projects, as well as the sustainable renovation of existing cinemas. In all the work on its buildings - both new construction projects and renovations - Kinepolis monitors and takes into account the comfort of visitors and employees, with the ecological footprint being further reduced through the use of innovative, energy-friendly materials and building practices.

For several years now, Kinepolis has been opting for laser projection. Laser projectors guarantee sublime image quality while also using 40% less energy than xenon lamp projectors. Moreover, the absence of lamps also reduces the need for cooling, and lamp replacement is, of course, a thing of the past. In 2021, 25% of Kinepolis' screens worldwide were laser and this will evolve to almost 60% by the end of 2023.

Several other energy-saving measures have been taken, such as the switch from open to closed popcorn warmers and refrigerators as well as the use of state-of-the-art control systems for buildings. 

Since 2021, Kinepolis yearly reports on its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions as well as its energy consumption (in absolute figures and in kWh per million EUR turnover).

Kinepolis is also mindful of its water consumption and attaches great importance to responsible waste management. Kinepolis strives to minimise waste and re-use materials, and constantly reminds visitors to sort their waste.

We are committed to creating 'shared value' starting from our purpose, which is to enrich people's lives through the power of movies.
den bosch

GPR certification for Kinepolis Dordrecht and 's-Hertogenbosch

Where feasible, Kinepolis aims to obtain a sustainability certificate for new build complexes. In the Netherlands, Kinepolis Dordrecht and 's Hertogenbosch have obtained GPR certification. GPR provides insight into the sustainability of real estate based on five criteria: Energy, Environment, Health, Quality of Use and Future Value. Each aspect is graded from 1 to 10 and the CO₂ emission is measured. 

laser projectie

Laser projection

Laser projectors guarantee sublime image quality while using 40% less energy than xenon lamp projectors. Since 2018, Kinepolis fully invests in laser projection. At the end of 2023, almost 60% of its screens worldwide will be laser, resulting in 5.4 GWh annual energy savings.


Intelligent building management systems

Kinepolis has been able to reduce its power consumption year after year due to the intensive monitoring and adjustment of its technical systems. In the Kinepolis cinemas in Hertogenbosch, Haarlem and Leidschendam (NL), for example, the air treatment installation was fitted with a frequency-controlled variable pressure system. In addition, Kinepolis makes use of energy-saving systems in Europe by adjusting control installations in its buildings as efficiently as possible and neutralising peaks in electricity consumption. By efficiently fine-tuning the installations and paying particular attention to the interaction between the installations, energy consumption can be significantly lowered.  

Care for employees

The 'Ultimate Movie Experience' begins and ends with the people who make their contribution every day, before or behind the screens. Kinepolis strives to be a company where people feel safe, listened to, motivated and valued. Kinepolis aims to develop talent and encourage employee development through its self-learning organisation, with bottom-up innovation and responsibility at its core.

Kinepolis wants to give as many employees as possible responsibility for departmental targets and budgets, enabling them to actively contribute to the continuous improvement of Kinepolis’ business operations. This bottom-up approach is part of the DNA of Kinepolis, and is illustrated by the number of ‘budget owners’ (11.2% in 2022) in relation to the total employee population.

Kinepolis measures employee satisfaction every year by means of a People Satisfaction Index (PSI) survey. The PSI was also introduced in Canada and the US for the first time in 2021. Employees are invited to share their experience of Kinepolis (or Landmark/MJR) as an employer in a completely anonymous way, indicating what they like and what they feel could be improved. The results are then discussed with the team and translated into concrete actions. In 2022, 81% of all employees participated in the PSI.

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Self-learning organisation

Kinepolis strives to be a ‘self-learning’ organisation by giving as many people as possible responsibility for departmental targets and budgets, and encouraging them to show initiative and learn from each other. In its day-to-day operations, Kinepolis creates and stimulates learning networks through its so-called ‘operating reviews’, among other things. Here, employees in similar positions but from different cinemas talk to each other in order to gain new insights and learn from each other. In this way, Kinepolis invests in a work environment that revolves around feedback and entrepreneurship. 

talent on the move

Talent on the move

Talents within the company are identified with an eye to the possibility of development and promotion, with job opportunities always communicated internally. After all, internal mobility ('talent on the move') leads to greater employee commitment and employability. ‘Talent reviews’ are organised with managers throughout the year and employees are encouraged to give their input regarding their own career in open dialogue with their line managers. Of the 193 openings for permanent positions in 2022, 96 were filled internally (one in two vacancies).

first work experience

First work experience

Student workers at Kinepolis commit themselves to working in the cinema on at least one weekday and one weekend day per week. The duties vary: from working at the cash desk or in the shop, to cleaning and the coordination of events. In this way, Kinepolis helps them to acquire a whole range of professional skills, such as working in a team and taking on responsibility. Many of them stay with Kinepolis for years and there are numerous examples of students who have signed a permanent contract and have a rewarding career at Kinepolis. 

Care for customers

Customer experience is key at Kinepolis, which is why customer satisfaction and care for customers is of the utmost importance in all aspects of the Kinepolis ‘customer journey’.

Kinepolis strives to offer its customers a positive experience during each visit or contact by offering them a top-quality film experience, by providing clear information, interacting with them and responding to their wishes. Kinepolis takes all target groups into account in this regard, and this is reflected in the cinema experiences offered, the film programming and the infrastructure of its cinemas.

The measurement of the efforts made by Kinepolis with regard to the customer experience is carried out on a continuous basis via the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

customers CSI

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)

Visitors who buy tickets online and leave their email address receive an invitation to tell Kinepolis about their experience within 24 hours of their cinema visit. The questions relate to various aspects of the customer experience: how did they like the film, the quality of the picture and sound, the service, cleanliness, customer friendliness, waiting times and so on. The CSI enables Kinepolis to constantly collect customer feedback at a very detailed level, with the results reported and assessed on a daily basis at team, cinema and national level. 

laser Ultra

The Ultimate Movie Experience

The quality of the movie experience that we offer significantly determines customer satisfaction. Kinepolis strives for the highest quality standard, and continues to invest in product innovation and experience concepts. The majority of these innovations fit in with a further broadening of the product range, whereby Kinepolis wants to respond optimally to the wishes of different target groups. Customer satisfaction is, on average, higher in Premium auditoriums (e.g. Laser ULTRA, IMAX, etc.), which indicates the customer’s willingness to pay more for more experience.

Cine K

A film programme for everyone

In addition to seating comfort and image and sound technology, the film itself also plays an important role in the customer experience. The aim of Kinepolis’ relationship marketing strategy is to guide customers optimally through the offer available and make recommendations based on personal preferences. Kinepolis is committed to having a film programme for various target groups at all times, including cultural minorities. In addition to the blockbusters, Kinepolis programmes and promotes author films, numerous local and multicultural films, event cinema (including concerts, sporting competitions and stand-up comedy), and has developed its own successful cultural programme (opera, ballet, theatre, art).

Business integrity

Integrity is always at the forefront of business operations at Kinepolis. Kinepolis has a strict policy with regard to anti-corruption and bribery, with efforts being made to raise awareness of this policy among employees and management. Every permanent employee is mandated to sign the Kinepolis Code of Conduct when entering employment and all managers must make a formal declaration every year that they complied with the stipulations of this code. 

Kinepolis has also implemented an ethical code for commercial partners (such as, but not limited to, suppliers, tenants and service providers) to ensure that the company’s values regarding working conditions, health, safety, environment and ethics are also respected by its suppliers. This code can be found here: Code of conduct commercial partners | Kinepolis Group


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