Green Star, our sustainability project

Within a broad social context, Kinepolis prioritizes the potential ecological, cultural or social consequences of its operations. Kinepolis is conscious of its social role and possible impact on all interest groups. The Kinepolis sustainability project is known as ‘Green Star’.

Green Star, in all its facets, carries increasing weight in the daily decision processes and operational management.

Ecological Footprint

As well as the comfort of visitors and employees, the green parameters are also central concerns for the design of new complexes and the renovation of existing ones. Kinepolis endeavors to minimize its ecological footprint in its choice of energy sources and building materials and by using spaces flexibly.

A milestone in the sustainability policy was the digitization of the projection systems, which made the chemical production of film and the transport of voluminous rolls of film superfluous. Virtually all new build Kinepolis complexes since 2016 were exclusively equipped with laser projectors. Laser projectors ensure sublime image quality while also using 40% less energy than xenon lamp projectors. The absence of lamps also reduces the need for cooling and, of course, lamp replacement belongs to the past.

The increasing importance of online and mobile ticket sales also reduces the ecological impact of operations. Further, various energy-saving measures have been taken, including the installation of LED lighting in cinemas and foyers, photo-luminescent row numbering and efficient heating systems.

Water consumption has been reduced, among other things by the use of taps with optical sensor, and visitors are constantly asked to presort their rubbish.

Ecological, social and environmental aspects are given the fullest consideration in new-build projects

GPR certification for Kinepolis Dordrecht

Kinepolis works towards GPR certification for all new build complexes in the Netherlands. GPR provides insight into the sustainability of real estate based on five criteria: Energy, Environment, Health, Quality of Use and Future Value. Each aspect is graded from 1 to 10 and the CO₂ emission is measured. Kinepolis Dordrecht earned an excellent report across the board and already has its GPR certificate.


Innovative LED car park lighting in Breda

The Kinepolis Breda car park is exclusively lit by innovative LED lighting, which use 40% less energy than regular LEDs. The lighting also has a cradle-to-cradle certificate. Uniquely, because the BB LED lightpipe is the first LED product worldwide to earn this certificate. The suitability of this lighting solution for the car park at Kinepolis Antwerp is currently being evaluated.


Application of energy-saving techniques

Ipee technology has been installed in the toilets at Kinepolis Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. These are smart sensors that optimize flushing after every use to ensure maximum hygiene without wasting water. In addition, the air conditioning system at Kinepolis Dordrecht is equipped with the innovative BaOPT system. This is a revolutionary technology that creates a much more natural and pleasant interior atmosphere while generating a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Employees Kinepolis

Employee satisfaction

Green Star is also about employee satisfaction. Kinepolis works to develop personal talents and teams and measures employee satisfaction every year (People Satisfaction Index, PSI). Kinepolis stimulates learning networks and so also a work environment that revolves around feedback and entrepreneurship.

Sociocultural responsibility

Kinepolis is also conscious of its sociocultural responsibilities, with regard to both programming and facilities in its complexes. Facilitating wheelchair access and programming content that meets the wishes of cultural minorities are examples of how Kinepolis is working on integrating minorities even more. Kinepolis also supports various charities by sponsoring, patronage and benefit campaigns, or by stimulating social employment.


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