Roadshow Brussels

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After publication  of the annual results 2018 the management of Kinepolis goes on a roadshow in Brussels on Tuesday 26th February 2019.  Should you be interested, please contact us via

Broker: KBC Securities

Financial calendar

Annual Report 2018

The annual report 2018 of Kinepolis Group will be available as from Friday 5 April 2019 on.  It will be printed in Dutch and English.  On this website you will find the PDF version in Dutch, French and English.

Ordinary General meeting of Kinepolis Group

On Wednesday 8 May 2019 Kinepolis Group invites you to its Ordinary General Meeting at the address of its registered office.

A convocation follows.

Semestrial results 2019 + press and analyst meeting

On Thursday 22 August 2019 the H1 2019 results of Kinepolis Group will be published.  The press release will be sent out at 7 AM and will be followed by a press conference and an analyst meeting.  More details will follow.


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