Kinepolis Group: Notifications Kinepolis Group NV and Kinohold Bis SA dd 12/02/10

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Regulatory release


On the 12th of February 2010 Kinepolis Group NV received two notifications as part of the relevant transparency legislation (Law of 2 May 2007 and Royal Decree of 14 February 2008).

These notifications follow on

* the exceeding of the 3% threshold by Kinepolis Group NV as on 31 December 2008

* the exceeding of the 35% threshold by Kinohold Bis SA as on 03 June 2009


The notifications reveal the following shareholdings:

* Mr. Joost Bert: 41,600 shares (0.60%)

* Kinohold Bis SA: 2,434,288 shares (35.12%)

* Kinepolis Group NV: 277,231 shares (4.00%)

Total: 2,753,119 shares (39.72%)


Mr. Joost Bert, Mrs. Marie-Suzanne Bert-Vereecke, Mr. Geert Bert, Mr. Koenraad Bert and Mr. Peter Bert jointly control the Stichting Administratiekantoor Kinohold.

The Stichting Administratiekantoor Kinohold controls Kinohold Bis SA.

Kinohold Bis SA in turn controls the Kinepolis Group.

Kinohold Bis SA acts in mutual consultation with Mr. Joost Bert as defined in Article 3, §1, 13°, a) of the Transparency Law.


This regulatory release is published on the website of the Kinepolis Group under Press Releases and Corporate Governance / Transparency and Other Notices.


Henk Rogiers



Investor Relations

Kinepolis Group NV

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Capital Kinepolis Group:


Total capital Kinepolis Group NV: 48,962,557.15 EUR

Number of securities with voting rights in Kinepolis Group NV: 6,930,778

Number of voting rights in Kinepolis Group NV: 6,930,778

Share categories in Kinepolis Group NV: none

Number of bonds convertible into securities with voting rights in Kinepolis Group NV: none

Number of rights to acquire non-issued securities with voting rights: none

Number of voting rights to be acquired by exercising conversion or subscription rights: none

In Article 8 of the Articles of Association of the Kinepolis Group NV, the notification thresholds were fixed at 3%, 5% and multiples of 5%

About Kinepolis

Kinepolis Group NV was formed in 1997 as a result of the merger of two family-run cinema groups and was listed on the stock exchange in 1998. Kinepolis offers an innovative cinema concept which serves as a pioneering model within the industry. In addition to its cinema business, the Group is also active in film distribution, event organization, screen publicity and property management.

In Europe, Kinepolis Group NV has 55 cinemas spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Poland. Since the acquisition of Canadian movie theatre group Landmark Cinemas and American movie theatre group MJR, Kinepolis also operates 46 cinemas in Canada and 10 in the US.

In total, Kinepolis Group currently operates 111 cinemas worldwide, with a total of 1,079 screens and almost 200,000 seats. Kinepolis employs 4,600 people, all committed to giving millions of visitors an unforgettable movie experience.

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Kinepolis Group NV
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