Company profile

Kinepolis has extended traditional cinema viewing into a broader world of film and entertainment, and offers its audience maximum flexibility in the choice of when, where, and how to enjoy this offer. Kinepolis aims to give its clients the ultimate movie experience and, to that end, combines a state-of-the-art cinema infrastructure with an offer geared to various target groups.

Kinepolis in brief

Kinepolis wants to offer the 'ultimate movie experience' to its film and culture lovers. To This end, Kinepolis has developed an innovative cinema concept which serves as a pioneering model within the industry.

Mission and strategy

Kinepolis wants to be a unique group that extends the traditional cinema experience to include the wider world of film and entertainment, and offers audiences maximum flexibility as to when and how they enjoy this programming.

History of the Group

The foundations of Kinepolis Group were laid in the 1960s. Kinepolis Group is now a listed company and one of Europe’s leading cinema operators.


Kinepolis is a flat organization in which decisions can be taken quickly. The group is structured according to the geographical markets in which it does business.

Innovation and customer experience

Kinepolis wants to offer visitors and audiences a total experience. To do so, Kinepolis has created a new benchmark in Belgium that has become the generally accepted standard elsewhere in Europe too.


Kinepolis does not ignore the ecological, cultural or social consequences of its operations, giving due consideration to its general role in society and all interest groups.


The unique movie experience the group promises would not be possible without the commitment and talent of its people. With that in mind, Kinepolis wants to do everything in its power to create a unique work climate in which all co-workers have the opportunity to develop their talents and express their enthusiasm.